Our. Signature. Gelato. Cake.
Condensed Milk, Coconut & Roasted Almond semi-freddo,
self-saucing caramalised almond praliné centre, salted
puffed rice crunch, Coconut gelato, covered in Coconut
snow and finished with an exploding silver leaf chocolate
party popper. After 10 minutes at room temperature crack
the party popper with a spoon and watch it ooze.

Serves 16 | Gluten Free

Allergens: Nuts, dairy

A collaboration between LuxBite and Piccolina.



Online cake orders require 48 hours notice. For short notice orders visit or call
any store and purchase from the selection available. We highly recommend ordering
in advance to avoid disappointment.


Please store your gelato cake at or below -18°C. For cakes that have been in the
freezer for 3 hours or more, remove about 5-10 minutes prior to serving and allow
to soften slightly. Cut using a hot, sharp, dry knife and enjoy!


Please ensure maximum travel time for your gelato cake is around 30 minutes from
Piccolina to your freezer. On hot days this time will vary. For best results,
we suggest transporting your gelato cake in an Esky or cooler bag.


We do our best not to cross contaminate our cakes and gelato but we cannot
guarantee that our products do not contain traces of allergens.