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General FAQ'S

What's the difference between gelato and ice-cream?

Gelato is Italian for ice cream. It contains less cream and more milk, making it lower in fat and as it's churned slower than ice-cream, there is less air throughout it, resulting in a much richer flavour. Our gelato is made from milk, cream, various sugars and ingredients such as fresh fruit, spices, nuts and purees. At Piccolina we make everything from scratch, meaning all our jams, gels, ganaches, jellies and everything else are prepared in our kitchen by our talented pastry chefs.

Does Piccolina make their own products?

We are committed to hand crafting traditional 100% natural Italian gelato and gelato cakes using time-honoured techniques. Everything in our kitchen is made from scratch using fresh seasonal ingredients from our nut butters to our caramels, jams and toppings. Our team of highly-trained pastry chefs and gelato makers work tirelessly every day to bring you a completely unique product with a focus on tradition and history.

How can I get in touch to share my experience with your business?

We value our customers and are extremely appreciative of the support that our business has received from the community since we opened in 2015. If you have any questions or would like to share your feedback with us, we would love to hear from you. Please email us directly at

When are your weekly specials available?

Our weekly specials are released every Wednesday at midday and are available until Tuesday night or while supplies last. To discover our current weekly flavours, click here.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes, we offer gift cards for purchase at any of our store locations. You can choose the desired value for the gift card when making your purchase.

Can I get Piccolina delivered?

Certainly! You can have Piccolina products delivered to your location through third-party delivery services such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Menulog. For specific details and to place your delivery order, please visit their respective websites and search for Piccolina on their platforms. Enjoy your Piccolina treats delivered to your doorstep!

Can I pre-order a cake for pick up?

You can place an order for a cake for pick-up through our website. We offer the convenience of online cake orders, and you can select your preferred Piccolina location for pick-up during the ordering process. Additionally, if you prefer to make a spontaneous purchase, you are welcome to visit any of our stores and buy a cake directly if we have stock available on-site. Unfortunately, we don’t take orders over the phone but feel free to call and see what stock we have.

What is your refund policy for cancelled cake orders?

For our regular cake products, we offer refunds for cancellations made up to seven days before the scheduled pick-up date. After this timeframe, we are pleased to provide a credit note of equal value, which can be picked up from any Piccolina location. However, please note that limited edition products related to holidays like Easter, Father's Day, or Christmas are non-refundable.

Can I bring my own container or cup for gelato?

We appreciate the idea of using reusable containers, but we must adhere to the standards outlined in the Australian New Zealand Food Standards Code (FSANZ section 3.2.2). This code specifies that packaging material must be fit for its intended use, not likely to cause food contamination, and must ensure that there is no likelihood of food contamination during the packaging process. Unfortunately, the scooping process into your own container poses a risk of potential cross-contamination.

Do you offer tastings before purchase?

We make every effort to provide tastings to our customers when the queue is short. However, during busy periods, particularly when the line is long, we may need to limit tastings to ensure efficient service for all customers.

Why don't you accept cash?

We're committed to a cashless environment to protect our team members from any potential security issues as well as maintaining our strict food handling policies. 

Why do you have a public holiday surcharge?

In 2023, after eight years in operation, we have had to introduce a 15% surcharge on Public Holidays to ensure we can continue providing customers with your favourite gelato and gelato cakes all year round. Our public holiday surcharge directly relates to additional costs that come with operating on public holidays, including increased wage costs.

I love your brand; can I open a franchise store?

Thanks for your interest, however Piccolina is company-owned and loved.

Dietary & Allergen FAQs

Do you provide allergen information for all your gelato and cake products?

Certainly! You can access our comprehensive allergen table by clicking here. It covers all the allergen details for our gelato, cones, cakes, and related products available in-store.

Are your products gluten-free certified?

While our gelato and sorbetti are crafted using gluten-free and gelatine-free ingredients, it's important to note that we operate in an artisan environment from a central kitchen. Due to the nature of our artisanal production, we cannot provide an absolute guarantee that our products are entirely free of traces of allergens. We take every precaution to minimize cross-contamination, but there is a possibility that traces of allergens may be present in our products. We prioritize transparency and encourage customers with specific allergen concerns to refer to our allergen information for more details.

Do you accommodate vegans?

Absolutely! We offer a selection of sorbetti made from dairy-free ingredients, including our cones. However, due to our artisanal kitchen setup, we cannot guarantee that our products are entirely free of allergen traces.

Is it safe to consume your gelato when I am pregnant?

Absolutely! All our gelato is pasteurised and safe for consumption during pregnancy.

If I have a nut allergy, which products can I safely enjoy?

If you have a nut allergy, we recommend checking our allergen table for specific information about which products are safe for you to enjoy. All our products are made in the same kitchen and therefore may contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts.

I have a soy allergy. Can I consume your gelato?

For individuals with soy allergies, please refer to our allergen table, especially for our chocolate-based gelato, as soy is an ingredient in many of these products.

I am diabetic, which of your gelato or sorbet has the lowest amount of sugar?

All our gelato and sorbet contain sugar, so we suggest consulting a health professional on whether consuming gelato or sorbet is safe for you.

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